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5 Simple Holiday Gift Exchange Ideas

The Lorax
A handmade gift from a very good friend

Have you been invited to a Holiday Party and are not sure what gift to bring for the gift exchange? Well, today’s your lucky day! I’m going to fill you in on a few last-minute gift exchange ideas. The season of holiday parties and fun gift exchanges is upon us. Some organizations like to conduct a White Elephant or Dirty Santa gift exchange. Both are meant to be fun and interactive. In a White Elephant gift exchange, it is suggested that you bring a gift within a certain dollar limit, wrapped and unlabeled. This gift will be placed along with others and picked at random by another person. This is a great way to get to know the people you work with better. Dirty Santa is the same concept as the White Elephant gift exchange, except, it’s dirty. Dirty Santa will allow for a person to “Steal” a gift already picked by another person once it’s been unwrapped. Let’s talk about some great gift exchange ideas for everyone.

Just for Fun

Gift exchange is supposed to be fun, amusing, and sometimes, even a little awkward. Some hosts ask that you bring a gift that is on Santa’s Naughty list (usually it’s something inappropriate or R-Rated). There are some stores that have items just for events like this. I love shopping at Hot Topic, they have everything from classic gag gifts to cool throwback vintage memorabilia. The best part is, they offer a military discount. Who doesn’t love an annoying chicken clucking non-stop or a tabletop cow pooping M&M’s?

Gift Cards

For some, gift cards are an easy gift to give. It’s convenient and you can get them practically anywhere. I love pairing a gift card with a small gift. A reusable coffee cup with a coffee shop gift card is a great and simple gift idea. I have gone to McDonald’s and purchased a gift card and asked for a Big Mac carton, placed the gift card inside and wrapped it. It was funny watching someone unwrap the gift and become confused as they expected to see something different, but was delighted and maybe a little relieved when they saw the gift inside.

Useful Gifts

The gift that keeps on giving, is exactly what every professional need. A motivational or funny desk calendar is always a great pick me up for anyone who works in an office. I really like the desk organizers that come with thumbtacks, paper clips, and other nifty, readily available items. Office décor and swanky planners are something anyone can use and are a great way to start the new year.

There are millions of gifts you can give during the holiday season. Whatever you decide, make it something someone will remember you by. If that’s a rubber chicken, then go for it! Finding a gift for your organizations' gift exchange should be fun and festive. Don’t stress, be cheerful and have fun! Happy Holidays!

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