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Are You an Amazon Prime Mom?

If you’re like me, you’ve bought more products on Amazon in the last four weeks than you’ve ever purchased in the history of Amazon. Congratulations, Jeff Bezos! You’ve won the internet. Amazon has been a lifesaver for everyone, right? Or, is it just me? From homeschooling, to stay at home orders, and stores out of EVERYTHING, America has turned to Amazon to save the day.

Can you believe Amazon has more than 150 million subscribers? This number has increased by 50 million since 2019. It’s a surprise we even shop in stores anymore. So tell me, what’s the most unique or outrageous item you’ve purchased since the pandemic began? Me? Well, my Amazon orders make me look like a school teacher with an addiction to decorating. I’ve purchased items from a Socket Shelf to a pretend cash register. I’m not even sure what’s actually coming to my home anymore. It’s like Christmas every day.

However, with Christmas creeping forward, what will shopping look like this year? Because we’ve been couped up in our homes, we have purchased items to make our spaces more comfortable to live and work in. Americans are buying more electronics, furniture, and decor. With the receipt of extra funds via Stimulus Checks, will Americans take to the stores to shop during the holidays, or will we have consumers regret and limit ourselves? This scenario has not been projected. But, for big companies whose funding was contingent upon consumers traveling, will they recover from the Coronavirus pandemic before the holiday season or will they be on the brink of bankruptcy? Too soon to tell, I think.

Answer me this; Are you an Amazon Prime Mom? Answer the questions below, to reveal your truth.

Are you an Amazon Prime Mom?

1. Do you ever go virtual window shopping looking for items to purchase?

2. Does your Saved For Later cart items exceed 20?

3. Would you purchase an item that you from Amazon that you forgot to buy at the store?

If you answered yes to these questions, then you, my friend, are an Amazon Prime Mom. Welcome to the realm of endless things. They have stuff for you, something for your kids, your pets, even the mailman who just got soaked by your erratic sprinkler system. And if, in fact, you struggle to find that one thing for that special someone, you can always purchase an Amazon gift card.

With Mother’s Day around the corner and in-store shopping not fully reintegrated, why not purchase an anything gift. A gift card can be anything you want it to be. Well, maybe except a She Shed. Does Amazon sell She Sheds? After searching, I found a few tool sheds, lots of She Shed decorations and DIY blueprints for building your home away from home. If you’ve got the time, check it out. This, too, could be a thing.

I wrote all this to say, being an Amazon Prime mom isn’t all bad. The homeschool science experiments, plants, and whiteboards have made us all a little bit smarter. Let’s not forget all the newly initiated moms into the Green Thumb Gang. The Earth thanks you.

-Amazon Prime Mom Out.

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