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Can We Just Normalize Humanity? 

If you take medication to live and function, it's okay. It's also okay if you don't.

This quote caught my eye and made me think, how did we get here? When did we as a society become perfect? From our bodies to our families, and even our food, our flaws have become invisible.

Confession: My entire life, I've struggled with issues, both mental and physical. Are those challenging moments behind me? No. The traumatic memories resurface, and I become paralyzed by fear and anger. I've tried meditation, acupuncture, counseling, medication, and all the things that are said to resolve those types of issues and feelings. Some, working for a season, only to become ineffective and overpowered by grief.

After years of hiding my hurt from the world, I realized that I was helping portray this unrealistic image of my life. From childhood, adults taught me to smile through my pain. Looking back, hiding my pain created invisible scars that would begin to heal, then reopen repeatedly. Ultimately, creating a distorted view of the world around me.

Fast forward to 2020. Our world has grown immune to the truth, disingenuous in community, and unforgiving to our peers. How did we get here? Was it the evolution of digital media, the direct teachings from past generations, or an unrelenting desire to be better than others, better than ourselves, or better than our past?

We need to return to the root of good humanity. Genuinely caring for one another, healing from within, and giving ourselves and others the freedom to be human. The freedom to make mistakes without fear of being canceled or ostracized. No, this won't eliminate our pain and suffering, but it will help us cope. Hard times will happen. Having a healthy way to manage will create positive reactions and increase your self-worth and esteem. I've learned to prepare for hard times by practicing good mental health daily. Three ways I do this is by:

• Reminding myself that it's okay to make mistakes.

• Allowing myself days not to be everything for everyone.

• Be honest about my feelings.

Reaching out for help is brave. Every human has struggled in some form or another. What's essential is affirming who you believe you are. Your mental health matters and will reflect in your actions. Do good, feel good, and be good. Normalize humanity.

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Great article and so very true seeking help and reaching out to Express your feelings to someone is very helpful...💖

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