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Dear Black People: Keep That Same Energy

Black People, do me a favor? Let’s continue to drive our message and strengthen our communities. Wondering how? Read this.

Be Seen

Participate in community programs, town halls, and local events. Be seen and be heard every day. Complete your Census form. Visit your local county website to learn more about events within your local community. Can’t find it, Google your county and a .gov site should populate.

Have Proper Identification

Visit the CDC’s website to learn how you can obtain vital records such as birth certificates, marriage, divorces, etc. Also, go to the Social Security website for information on how you can get a replacement social security card.


Elevate your stance in America by exercising your right to vote. Vote.Org will assist you in registering to vote. Check out this music video by YelloPain. Don’t know when to vote? Click the 2020 Primary Election Dates to find out when your state elections will be held.

Get an Education

If you don’t have a formal education get one. Whether that’s grade school, or beyond. There are programs that will help you get an education for free. Fun Fact: A juvenile cannot be denied an education due to a lack of proper identification. A Public school must allow them to register. Did you know that most low-income individuals can qualify to attend college for free? Visit the FAFSA website to get started on your federal student aid application.

Mentor and Volunteer

Show interests in the true advancement of underserved communities. Volunteer at the local library, participate in a community clean up, host a financial literacy or entrepreneurial class. Don’t know where to start? Visit Volunteer Match. There are so many ways we can come together and grow.

We cannot allow the system to change us anymore. We must change the system. Together we can do just that.

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