Dress for the Job you Want
  • Marla Bautista

Dress for the Job you Want

Christian Louboutin

Hi, I'm Marla. I am a work at home mom. I freelance write for many different companies. My work clothes consists of Elmo pajama pants or Army sweats and a comfy T-shirt. When I take conference calls, I like to dress up my pajama pants, with a button up blouse. Now, I know what you're thinking... That's brilliant! If that's not what you thought... then you shouldn't assume I can read your mind. But what you should do, is think about the job you want and what it takes for you to look the part. You CAN be a professional, and be comfortable.

Every morning after I send my children off to school, I sit down at my computer desk. I begin my daily routine of conducting a little research (i.e. checking Facebook, IG, Twitter, and LinkedIn), prior to working on a project. If I have a conference call, I'll throw on a bra and button up. No, this is not what I want to do or how I want to look for the rest of my life. I would like to have a job writing or speaking in a professional environment, but what does that look like? Should I dust off the Louboutins every time someone calls? Absolutely not!

When I attend events where there is a business dress code, I will often wear a nice pair of dress pants with a blouse and blazer. You don't need to spend an arm and a leg to look presentable. A Blazer or a nice sweater can work wonders. You can put a Camisole under your blazer or sweater and look great! Also, a nice comfortable summer dress can become business causal with a blazer or sweater.

Mix and Match! Shop according to what you already have in your closet. No need to rush out and buy an entire outfit. If you have a cute top, buy some pants or a skirt to match, and vice versa. I like to buy solid colored tops and bottoms so I can switch them up for different occasions. I keep a comfortable pair of black pumps and flats in my closet. They can be paired with almost anything!

I am definitely not a fashionista, but I do take pride in saving a few dollars while shopping. If you are looking for a new job or just wanting to step into a new role, try dressing the part. It makes a huge difference in how you may be received. Happy shopping and don't forget, your confidence comes from within you, not from within your wallet!


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