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NASCAR Salutes Military Spouses

From Left: Ashley Doughetry, Kayla Reyes, Marla Bautista, Moni Jefferson

LONG POND, Pa.- The NASCAR Salutes program invited four deserving military spouses to spend the day, behind the scenes, at the #Pocono400. The event was full of exclusive access to drivers, tours and swag, but most importantly, gratitude for military spouses.

The day began with a meet and greet with the NASCAR Salutes Senior Manager for the Events Group, Sam Spitz, and President of Owen Marketing, Jeff Owen. From the moment we stepped into Pocono Raceway, it was non stop action. The sun was blazing and the haulers, glistening. The sound of the track was like a white noise machine coaxing me into NASCAR submission.

First stop, Pit Road. I could feel the excitement as the pace cars zoomed by. Did you know that Pocono Raceway uses solar panels to power the track? Their Solar Project is astounding! They have a 25 acre solar farm, and sheep that help mow the grass in summer. Yes, I said sheep! You can't get anymore natural than that.


Rubber to the pavement. The cars swerving and loud screeches were something you'd hear in a movie with a high speed chase. Our first Pace car ride was a success! If I said I wasn't nervous, I'd be lying. I am pretty sure there's a reason they wanted us to take a ride before eating breakfast. I could barely hold down my own organs. I seriously doubt any food would have been contained during the ride. We were hitting speeds you'd only see on the Autobahn, at midnight... On a Tuesday. Calling it a thrill ride would be an understatement. This was the ride of a lifetime!

Throughout the day, we were treated like VIP's. From private meetings with Austin Dillon and Bubba Wallace, to Attending the drivers meeting, to being announced with the drivers themselves, at the start of the race. The surprises just kept coming!

We were interviewed by the beautiful Clair B. Lang about our experiences as military spouses and our experiences as NASCAR newbies.

We ate lots of food and drank delicious Coke Products the entire day, which, after walking in the hot sun, who wouldn't want an ice cold Coca Cola? This day was second to none. I am grateful to have been selected to experience this moment with some of the most selfless women, and most resilient military wives in this nation.

Coca-Cola Racing

Thank you to The USO, Coca Cola Racing, and NASCAR Salutes, for not only inviting military spouses into your world for the day, but treating us like family.


Marla B.

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