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The Incredible Mom & Superhero

The Incredibles Sequel was awe-inspiring! It told the story of a woman, underappreciated and often undervalued. Helen Parr was a mother of three, who held her family together after a number of setbacks. Her husband, Bob, Struggled to keep a job after his superhero identity was revealed. Helen was offered an opportunity to be the face of a movement. She was beyond excited, until she realized that means she'd be away from her children and husband. Then came the "Mom Guilt", we've all experienced it. Blaming yourself for doing something for yourself.

When the news of Helen's opportunity was shared, Bob seemed hesitant to celebrate. He wanted to be supportive but he didn't know what all would be required of him. Even the sheer thought of his wife being celebrated and not him, made him feel inadequate. This happens so often in society today. Some men are so used to being the lead, that it is hard for them to be efficient on a team with a woman leader. Don't get me wrong, there are plenty of men who work amazingly on teams headed by women. But more often than not, men leaders are more widely celebrated than their female peers.

Helen decided to take the job away from home. Bob had his work cut out for him as a stay at home dad. He was now responsible for more than he knew happened on the daily basis in his own home. Naturally, he struggled to figure out how Helen held everything together. Eventually, he got the hang of being a full time parent. During this experience, Helen also had to learn to let go and trust that her husband could take care of their family in her absence.

This story was amazing! I believe society is beginning to trust the idea of women leading from the front. We are just as able as any man, and to doubt that is pure ignorance. It shouldn't be taboo to celebrate a woman leader. We will continue push the boundaries of out dated perceptions and policies. We will not accept that this is the way it has always been. Let's us be great! We are all Superheroes in our own right!

The Incredibles 2 was an amazing movie! After a 14 year wait, the outcome was Incredible! If you haven't seen the movie, grab the family, friends, and neighbors and head to your local theater! Your entire family will enjoy this film! You can thank me later!

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