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The Unseasonable Summer

Updated: Aug 24, 2020

This summer, our activities are different as many of us still live in areas restricted by a stay at home order. With many amusement parks, zoos, and sporting centers closed, we will have to use creativity to make this a summer full of good memories and fun times.

Having a fun and interactive daily schedule will help your children thrive. You can create a daily list on a whiteboard or print a premade one online, for free. Schedule a time for chores, play, and learning. This will help you stay sane and help your family maintain a schedule and continue to grow academically.

Help them stay sharp by encouraging games that require critical thinking and problem-solving. Educational games played online, or in-person, will help them keep academic skills throughout the summer, but it's also fun.

Electronics can keep a child occupied all day. However, limiting their screen time is best. Two hours at max is the amount of time recommended per day. Incorporating activities such as nature walks and scavenger hunts keeps them engaged while they burn physical energy.

Your family can participate in outdoor activities amidst a stay at home order. Try having a backyard camp out. You can pitch a tent, barbeque, and make smores while you relax under the stars. An outdoor obstacle course provides hours of physical activity. Create a route with various challenges. A few mental challenges intertwined with physical one make for a sport your whole family can enjoy.

If competitive sports aren't your thing, try building a garden bed and plant some flowers or veggies. You can find an easy DIY blueprint online. The sense of overwhelming accomplishment is positive for a person of any age. Watching life bloom in a garden you've cultivated is genuinely fulfilling.

Although times are unprecedented and unique, we can still make the best of them. Military families are taught to bloom where we are planted. By digging deep and using our imaginations, we can have a summer just as memorable as the ones before. Remember to stay positive and choose happiness.

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Very good article and ideas to do throughout this pandemic

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