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The Work at Home Mom

Work at Home Mom... Also, Me :|

This is me, at home. Preparing to take a business call.<Phone Rings two minutes before my scheduled call> Who is it, You ask? Of course, it's my child's school calling. Being a work at home mom isn't as peachy as it sounds. At a regular job, you work for a set amount of time and you have scheduled breaks and a scheduled lunch hour. As a work at home mom, you try to fit work into being a stay at home mom. This is difficult and often times stressful. Not being able to work without distraction is hard. It forces work at home moms to work longer hours, complete tasks for work and for home, simultaneously, which can sometimes lead to undesirable results.

I would like other's who do not live this way, to understand that being a work at home mom isn't something every mom wants. Some of us have no other option. The cost of childcare can make a paycheck seem insufficient. For the mothers like me, who have multiple children including a special needs child who requires daily care, it would be pointless to work outside the home. I am waiting for the day that childcare for families becomes more accessible and affordable.

My sister is a single mother who requires care for all three of her children. How can she survive financially? Even with government subsidies, she can barely suffice her financial obligations. There has to be a better way to live in America. Where's is her pursuit of happiness? She is solely trying to obtain financial security so she can provide more than the basic necessities for her children. She wants to work another job, but can't find adequate or affordable children to do so.

There are plenty of resources for help, but the wait lists for these resources are sometimes, years long. How do we combat poverty and debt inheritance in America? Make College Free? Allow Single Mothers free child care while they work? Provide lower health insurance costs? There are many things we CAN do. But what are we WILLING to do?

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