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A Day of Remembrance

As we remember those who died in the line of duty, let us honor their true sacrifice. Whether they died during a fight with the enemy or because of a fight within themselves. Take time to recollect what they've done to make our world a safer place. A place where we can say what we feel without the imminent threat of violence against us. A place where we can love and marry whomever we choose.

Today is a day for mourning those who are no longer with us. We have become accustomed making everything fun and easy, including death. We don't want to feel sad, hurt, or angry. We choose to avoid it. Let us not do that today. Let us remember our friends and family who wore the uniform and made the ultimate sacrifice, their lives.

Thank You,

David Jerningan

Lauren Catherine Gagnon

James Crider

And so many more...

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