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Behind the Scenes at Marvel Stadium

Tuesday, November 22, 2018, Melbourne, VIC-AFL Draft Day. Nothing but blue skies at the Marvel Stadium in Melbourne, Victoria! I recently visited Australia and had the pleasure of touring marvelous, Marvel Stadium, home of the Australian Football League Headquarters. To say, I was in awe of the stadiums' beauty and functionality, would be an understatement. If you've ever attended a game, concert, or other attraction in this stadium, you know the spectacular sight is almost indescribable. This is the stadium where Rhonda Rousey lost her first fight. Can you imagine the energy in the stadium that night? The excitement, the shock, the lost bets, what a show!

The stadium is not lacking in amenities either. It has its own beer pipe lines that run underneath the entire stadium! Thirsty much? You can grab a drink from almost any of the food stands, restaurants, or boxes in the stadium! The Marvel Stadium also has a retractable roof, which takes about eight minutes to open and close. The stadium is located within a quarter mile of the Metro Train station. The Public Transport Victoria (PVT), is an absolute necessity when traveling to Marvel Stadium. Although, Marvel Stadium has hundreds of parking spaces, most visitors travel to the stadium by bus or train.

I may be biased but my favorite part of the tour were visiting the Media Centre, Corporate Suites, and the Coaches box. When I first walked into the coaches box, I felt empowered! This is the place where all the big decisions are made during an AFL game. With a birds eye view directly to the players benches and the field, the coaches can call plays from the comfort of the coaches box.

I was all smiles when it came time to enter the Media Centre. The Mike Sheahan Media Centre was named after the journalist, himself. With a career spanning over half a century Mike Sheahan, is one of the greatest whoever lived, and he's still living! Stepping into the room where history has been made, where dreams have been realized and crushed, gave me the rush of a lifetime! I can go on and on about the happenings in that room, but if you've ever watched an AFL game, you have a slight idea!

My guide John, was the coolest guide ever! He showed me the ins and outs of the stadium. He showed me how things work and how they don't. I was treated with respect and am grateful for the staff accommodating me. I cannot wait to return to Marvel Stadium in Melbourne. Put me in Coach!

~Thanks Greg & John~


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