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Diminishing Doubt

Have you been through something recently that’s got you thinking, why did God allow this to happen to me? Is there even a God? That’s called doubt. It’s okay to have doubt. It doesn’t mean you’ve lost faith, it means you are questioning it. This is your invitation… Take a journey with Best Selling Author Dominic Done, as he dives into the subject of faith, and uncovers the truth about it in his new book When Faith Fails. This book will take you to the pit of doubt and help you remove the stones of hurt, inadequacy, and fear. Wrestle with your doubt aloud and reclaim your faith, victoriously.

Writer, Pastor, and Missionary Dominic Done studied Theology which he also taught, along with History. His teachings are unconventional and simple. He challenges you to forget the old approach to doubt, explore a new way to wrestle with it and resolve any lingering contention with your faith. Do you wonder why bad things happen to good people or why you’ve worked so hard, only to be rewarded with trials and tribulation? Have you ever felt like your life should be more fulfilling? Realizing you aren’t living your life to its full potential, or that something is missing means that you have room to explore and invite something new into your life. Did you know, 2/3 of Christians experience doubt at least once in their lifetime? It’s not uncommon for people to experience hesitation or doubt within their faith. Author Dominic Done says, “Page 46-68 in my book When Faith Fails, is where I unpack my own struggles with doubt”. He goes on to say:

Growing up, I struggled with doubt because of the brokenness I saw in my family. It was hard to reconcile belief in a good, loving God with what I had seen and experienced. Other things confused me too: prayer, Christians who appeared so angry when they believed in a God of love, lack of unity in the church, other religions, the silence of God, forgiveness, and so on. But mostly, I struggled to understand why a good God would allow so much pain in the world. And I’m not just talking about the obvious things like cancer and war but the wounds that touch us all: alcoholism, failed marriages, crippling anxiety, depression, eating disorders, addictions, unemployment, hopelessness, self-harm, abuse…

Doubt can appear anytime. Most people experience doubt during a negative occurrence in their lives. It does not mean you do not believe in God. Doubt is centered between faith and disbelief. It means you have questions. The good news is doubt can help motivate you to explore and question why your faith has not been sustainable. It will also help you build an unbreakable relationship with God and learn how to trust Him again.

Invest a period into your faith. No distractions, just you, committing yourself to acquiring knowledge while studying the word of God. Read When Faith Fails. Write down the things that have created doubt in you. Revisit situations that have created an emptiness inside you and learn what you can do to make those parts whole again. Get involved. Whether it be an online, faith-based community or a physical community, find your people. People who will help you understand and overcome those doubts. People who will fellowship with you and be a part of an authentic community. There are so many churches contending for your membership. Find your safe place. It is closer than you think. Dominic Done’s, When Faith Fails, is thought-provoking and enthralling. Thalia C. said, “When Faith Fails has gripped my heart”. It takes a unique approach to release the fear and doubt about Christianity while filling the voids in your life with hope and prosperity. Are you ready to renew your faith?

Pastor Dominic Done

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