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Meet Heather-Nicole

Heather-Nicole is a Lifestyle Content Creator who is changing the way we view women, mom life, and she's speaking the truth about the daily struggles we experience.

Heather-Nicole is the wife of a Marine Veteran and a mother of three fun and rambunctious boys. She has faced and overcome many obstacles in her life; from her parents' living apart, to military separations from her spouse. To say she is a game changer is an understatement. With over 18 thousand followers, she is a powerhouse.

I had the pleasure, and entertainment, of interviewing Heather-Nicole about her latest venture as a blogger at Blooming with Heather.

Big Brother Preston, with Peyton, and Pierce

Marla: What made you want to start a blog?


I wanted to give my audience the opportunity to get to know me, I mean, really know me. They see the pictures of me and my family, but they don't get to see our daily lives leading up to the photo shoots. I wanted them to see the real us.

Marla: What made you want to become a content creator?

Heather-Nicole: I just love taking pictures of my children. One day, someone offered me products to take pictures of my youngest son, I obliged, and the rest is history.

Marla: What is one of the biggest struggles you face as a stay at home mom and a full time content creator?


The most difficult part of being a stay at home mom and full time content creator is keeping my children entertained while managing a productive work schedule.

Marla: Tell me about one of the most unexpected things that happened during a photo shoot?


When my family was taking Holiday pictures by the pond, my youngest son almost fell into the pond chasing a tadpole. I was mortified! But we avoided disaster...That day.

Marla: What is your biggest struggle as a content creator?


As a content creator, I overthink. I have a confession: I am a perfectionist when it comes to taking pictures. I am learning to be okay with my flaws. Flaws are beautiful and as a content creator, my audience prefers the real me.

Marla: What is your biggest physical insecurity?


I'd have to say, my biggest insecurity is my mom pooch. I have always been curvy, but seeing it on camera made me a little uneasy at first.

Marla: How did you overcome your insecurity?


Um, that's a hard one. I've had to constantly remind myself that I am beautiful. I am a mother of three children and a wife to a husband whom adores me. I am blessed.

Confession Time

Marla: What's one thing your audience doesn't know about you?


I am a licensed cosmetologist and I don't have any tattoos, nor do I want any.

Marla: Okay, now this is going to be quick. I am going to ask you a question and you choose one answer, got it?

Heather-Nicole: Oh Lord, okay.

Marla: Netflix or YouTube?

Heather-Nicole: YouTube

Marla: Date night in or Date night out:

Heather-Nicole: Date night out

Marla: Fresh faced or full beat?

Heather-Nicole: Fresh faced

Marla: Iced Coffee or Hot Coffee?

Heather-Nicole: Iced Coffee

Marla: Stilettos or Flip Flops?

Heather-Nicole: Flip Flops

To learn more about Heather-Nicole, you can follow her on IG: or visit her website at

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