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Where do I start? How about here...

There are so many spouses within the military community that are amazing! We do what we do NOT because of our husbands rank or status, but because we want to make a difference in our community. We run organizations, for profit businesses, and fight for the betterment of our Service Members and their families. One thing I absolutely do not appreciate is ANYONE telling me I am just a spouse. I am MORE THAN A MILSPOUSE. I have given years of my life, blood, sweat, and many tears to our military family. I have been there during the Soldiers darkest hour and at their greatest miracles. I have fed them, mentored them, taught them how to better themselves hoping to only see them do their best at EVERYTHING! I have studied for the board with them, taken custody of their children, cried at their funerals, this is a FAMILY forged by the Department of Defense and maintained by US. If only you knew why I do what I do. If I am nothing more than a selfless servant, I will be that. God has given me this spirit, and no one can ever take away. Not a 1SG who tries to belittle a spouse, not a wife who says it’s not that serious, nor anyone who stands for nothing but criticizes why another, advocates for ALL.

If a spouse is recognized for her hard work, it shouldn’t be minimized in comparison to the work of her husband. Her award shouldn’t be taken lightly. It shouldn’t be passed around or forgotten about. It should be presented to her with prestige and respect. The spouses of our Service Members are what hold the units and our families together. The morale is so low in some of these units… But if asked… everything’s great, knowing that tragedy can strike at any moment and we would be filled with regret because we should’ve done more. Get out of here, half the THESE people wouldn’t help a Soldier or family member if they begged for it. My point is, I am a woman who has stood in the face of adversity thousands of times and will continue to do what is necessary to change the world! I try my best to keep my personal opinions to myself, but sometimes this life sucks and it needs to be said. I watch Service Members and their families get shafted constantly and it sickens me. Actions... coming soon.

~Limitations do not exist in my world~

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